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My mom always had a smoker blow smoke (very slowly) into my ear and a cotton ball was quickly inserted and wahla in the morning no more ear ache

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smokeless in central texas

WOW--Everyone has a comment for this one :) as do I.
IT WORKS!! the key is do not blow INHALED smoke (all the medicinal qualities are left in the 'blowers' lungs). I know its hard to believe that smoke has medicinal qualities but it does. Even though this DOES work there are many more remedies that are better for EVERYONE involved!

The Wahla Monster

Or you can just blow smoke up someone's arse until they think they're better


when i was little i was constantly getting earaches and ear infections because my mom was a chronic smoker.

as an adult i worked in a bar and was constantly going home with earaches.

point of the story...second hand smoke causes earaches!!


My roommate's mother suggested this remedy over the weekend. I was in so much pain I would try anything. Immediately after I was in much more pain. I have a high pain tolerance, but this cause instant tears! 3 days later I still have an ear infection!! Don't try this!


I grew up around smokers, I've smoked for over 20 years I've had Swimmers Ear ONCE in my whole life (swimmers ear is caused by the water not draining out of your ear) I have never had an ear infection by being around smokers and trust me When my family gets together you can't see your hand in front of your face from the thick wall of Smoke! So no smokers don't give every one ear infections! I've also had an Auto-Immune Disorder my entire life and with that I get sick worse than normal healthy people and I still never got a traditional ear infection ever Im not 34 So i've been around a lot of smoke for a lot of years .. Some people need to grow up and get off their high horses!

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