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My mom always had a smoker blow smoke (very slowly) into my ear and a cotton ball was quickly inserted and wahla in the morning no more ear ache

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I can't believe someone would even give this type of advice. Blow smoke into your child's ear! That is not only sad but scary to think that someone would think smoke would cure an earache. The child shouldn't even be around smoke.


I total agree with the first comment. Smoke is usually the cause of a childs ear ache, I surely don't see how it could be the cure.


when i first read this i thought this was a joke...then i had a horrible ear ache and alex baldwin happened to be over so i had him put his chain smoking to good use and...I FEEL GREAT. my doctor did tell me that i have cancer of the ear but i feel great


Certain studies indicate that 2,000,000 million ear infections in children are caused by second-hand smoke in the U.S.


My Mom did this when I was little. I think it's the heat that helps the pain, the smoke will make it worse but the heat from the smoke helps. There are a lot safer ways to get heat to your ears than smoke though.


lol its the same thing as a blow dryer. helps evaporate the water, im sure the heat helps too.

Mike G.

My mom did this to me back in the early 1970's. This is obviously a bad remedy for ear aches but the real cure came from my mom convincing me that her 'remedy' would work. The power of pursuasion a parent has over their children is amazing.

As for the comment about the heat from smoke being benefical, there is not much heat in smoke; it was probably more love than heat...


My parents did the smokers smoke remedy on me as weel and it worked.I suffered bad from ear aches and if the peroxide didn't work then they would blow smke in my ear and that was the trick. I agree smoke is not good for children but when you are in desperate need anyone would do anything to get your child out of pain.


Yes smoking is bad and should not be around children but I was raise in the late 70s and everyone used to smoke then, remember? My gandma used to do this all the time when I had ear ache.
Most people would do most anything when their children are in pain AND I hardly doubt you'll get cancer just because you get smoke blown in your ear a few times in your life. Love, smoke, heat, nicotine...what ever it is it worked!


I suffer from chronic earaches and ear infections due to a wisdom tooth that is impacted. Sure, go ahead and criticize that I should've had that tooth out ages ago but when you're a young 20-something without medical insurance, you're a little strapped for cash. I tried this one and it seemed to mildly alleviate the pain. (I woke my husband out of a dead sleep for this one). I haven't tried the other ones because the stores aren't open yet, but I'll keep you up to date.

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