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restless leg syndrome - i suffered from this for years - my daughter told me to put a bar of soap into my bed and leave it there - it worked - when the soap isnt there the rls comes back - i aso keep a bar in my car and in my pocket if i am working on the computer for long periods of time - sounds crazy but it works......good luck

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OK, I am glad that the soap works for you. Do you have any possible explanation for why it works? The bar of soap is mentioned at least once on almost each of the 19 pages in this RLS site so it works for a lot of people. I have tried the soap and it does not work for me. At face value, there does not appear to be any reason why it should work. I am just curious if you have come across any reason as to why it works for some people. You know something to ponder during my long sleepless nights.




The soap is a placebo. RLS is a very real condition that cannot be cured with soap.


Thank you Jerry, but i am willing to try anything to get off the drugs. It obviously can't hurt. Its not like she is saying to eat the soap.


any kind of soap but glycerne (sp?)


i tried the bar of soap under the sheet at the foot of my bed,when i got up it was smashed to pieces.


Jerry- RLS is very real, thanks for that comment. I'm sure anyone who is desperately searching for relief is more than aware of that. Don't put down anything that gives people relief! We're clearly not alone.

I tried the soap and it helps my symptoms enough for me to sleep. Last night was my third consecutive night using soap. I use IVORY and have a few bars under my feet. When I first get into bed my symptoms have already started so I rub the soap with my feet. Its not a cure and I have definitely thought of putting shavings in my shoes to perhaps reduce the symptoms while I'm at work or driving.

My symptoms have become so severe that if someone told me putting a carrot in my ear would help I would do it. Try the soap.


Soap works 4 me also! No idea why! I got the idea from this very site! I suffered from rls occasionally for years. I haven't had an episode in over a monyth! I rub it over my leg (only one leg twitches) and it has been working! No problems what so ever!

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