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Tara and Jake rapoza

I have had poison ivy close to....we will just say a lot and I have tried everything! I must have strong close to 300$ on stuff then I said screw it! I grabed tea back regular and put it on get it wet first and if the pours are open wash before with Luke warm water no soap dry it off still oozin then get teabag soaked apply directly for 5-10 min apply with force dont be a pansy it's messy but it'll be worth it in the end do this everyother hour ....

Purpose tea bags soake up water and when u press down the tea bag will have nothing better to do if it's really oozing I asked my gf bc she was at my house b4 I found this and we didn't have tea bags we used a tampon

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Gee wiz Tara/jake. Can you try a little editing, I can barely get your point.

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