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I have won the war yay

So after like a year of having headlice on and off between daycare and school we have it gone for a month or two then back it seemed like a never ending war that I was losing nix and rid never worked ,finally about two weeks ago i found this site,DAY 1:: first: covered hair in mayo let sit for about an hour then I mixed:LEMON JUICE'GARLIC PASTE AND VINEGAR put it on my kids hair (having 5 kids 3 who need treatment) put it on dry hair i saturated the hair then covered with a plastic bag for a couple hours then i rinsed it of washed hair woth dish soap a couple times.
DAY 2 I covered the hair in olive oil and combed combed combed washed that out with dish soap then blow dried hair then i saturated the dry hair in pure vinegar put a bag on the heads and let sit about 5 hou7rs i washed out again with dish soap and combed the hair with a metal lice daughted has nice thick curly hair which they love so i went ahead and blow dried her and my hair straight.AT day 1 we had tons ion my kids hair tons by day three there is nothiong I mean nothing no eggs no lice they rinsed ou t dead on day one treatment. I am still continuing the combing daily to find nothing in a few days I will do the vinegar again aand the blow dryong again for a heat effect to dry anything out but i can say right now we are clear and happy i cannot belive they are gone for good now i will be buying pure coconut oil as precaution and putting a few drops in our regular shampoo and conditioner i through research know that they will die and hate the smell of the coconut oil and that will become a part of our rountine from now on.
one more thing i read on here sum, ridiculous stuff someone mentioned just shampoo but if your a parent fighting lice u will know that shampoo and conditioner is a dream it will never work I hope thbis helps some one.

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Wow! Your kids are lucky to have a persistant mom like you. Lice are terrible and i can see you will do anything to rid your kids of them...i am glad the treatments worked for you.


dats true that u said that shampoos nd conditioners dont work but i also hav a doubt that puting vinegar on d head seems foolishnessssss......


Vinegar is one of the most common remedies and is the one most promoted by my daughter's school. We shall see if it works.

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