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Woke up this morning with a terrible earache and by 12:30 this afternoon couldn't take it anymore. Decided to go on the net and find a quick homeopathic remedy. Decided to go with the garlic and olive oil remedy. Got two garlic cloves and put them in the garlic press. Got the smallest measuring cup and mixed the crushed garlic in with about 4tablespoons of olive oil. Put it in the microwave for about 45 seconds, just to get it bubbling. Put a couple of drops of the warm oil in my ear and in about 30minutes the pain was gone. Not only in my ear, the right side of my throat and sinus. Garlic really is a miracle plant.

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A happy granny

I have a 5 year old grand daughter that had been crying all evening with a ear ache, i Googled home remedy for it and here i am, i tried the olive oil & garlic juice,,,awesome! It really did the trick, thanks so much!!!

Ozzie chick

Thank you so much it worked as soon as I put it in

J. Fira

I feel I have a really severe case. The pain was so unbearable, but it seems to be gone. Wow, I am feeling way better. Thanks for sharing!


My brother was almost crying (which NEVER happens) because of his earache. I tried this and after about 15 minutes he started to feel well enough to fall asleep and is sleeping now. Thanks so much.


now i see this remedy is for pain, anything on how to cure the ear infection itself without meds?


this should work to clear the infection too if done over a few days as garlic is a natural antibiotic!


im suffering from water behind my eardrum can this remedy work for me ?????


is this safe for children ?


Was in a lot of pain with ear infection just started antibiotic. Tried this this morning and it worked great. The pain was just about gone with in a hour.If all goes well I will never have to do it again.


My 11yr old has a cold and is now complaining of an ear ache. To a point where she is now crying. i found this site because it was apparent I needed to find her relief quick. I tried the warm rag against her ear that I found on another post but it only helped for about 5 minutes and she was uncomfortable and crying again. So I tried it again. She is till in pain. I found your post and immediately warmed up olive oil and garlic, added a couple drops in her ear and guess what??? She's completely asleep and snoring. Thank God! thanks for your post. It helped so much and immediately.

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