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I had a really bad toothache tried the Orajel, Advil,salt water all helped very little someone told me to use ground cloves( yes the spice in the cupboard or from grocery store) put a little on a spoon, Add a little water, make a paste with it. Apply it on and around the tooth for a couple of minutes. You will find it to be like pepper. Their you go it took my pain away and i couldn't believe it. good luck.

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THANK YOU!!!! Tried all sorts of pain killers and nothing worked. The moment I put down my head, the pressure made my toothache worse! Tried sitting upright to sleep, then googled and this worked!!!! I can actually get to sleep now! No pain whatsoever!


Hi I have had bad toothache for two days. Then I saw this and two other people told me about it. So I tried it! It works. Amazing!!!


Thank you so much worked very well

Jeni Rice

OMG I really had my doubts but in only a few seconds after I applied it the pain had already lessened, its a little uncomfortable for a few seconds but then you adjust. My pain hasn't been completely eradicated but I'm a lot more comfortable.
Wish I had looked this up last night. I wasn't been able to sleep last night and have been dealing with this pain for a few days and I have two weeks until I can get in to have it fixed. I think I might have gotten an hour maybe two of broken sleep for the whole night. This tooth ache has spurred a throbbing in my right temple and an neck and shoulder ache, not to mention the swelling in my jaw and cheek. I can't wait to get this fixed, two more weeks, two more weeks, I can handle it as long as keep plenty of cloves on hand.


This definitely works! Tried cold water rinsing and that was making the pain so much worse! Clove/warm water paste worked almost immediately! Thank you!


Thank you. I just tried the ground cloves paste and within a minute my tooth/gumline/jaw pain has subsided. Now time to get back to sleep. Once again, Thank you.

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