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Hi, I am 36 and I didn't started getting eczema until my 30s.

It started with patches of dry skin on my legs & thighs which slowly got worst. My symptoms are mostly dry & itchy – itchy flaky skin, progressive thickening of the skin(lichenification) & dry itchy bumps. I have not experienced any oozing.

The topical ointments prescribed to me by my doctors so far have not done much good, so I have been trying different things on my own, focusing more on herbal-based remedies, and lately have started experimenting with making my own formulations.

I have gotten very good results with my last experiment so I wanted to share it with others in case it can help someone else. The remedy consists of oil infused with Red Clover Herb, Sage & Chamomile. Below is a description of ingredients & how it was made, not exact because I didn’t measure:

Approx. 1/8 – ¼ oz dried sage
Approx. 1/8 – ¼ oz dried chamomile
Approx. ¼- ½ oz dried red clover herb (Trifolium Pratense)
Light olive oil, enough to cover so herbs can move freely

*You can use other types of oil, I just used what I had on hand. I have heard good things about coconut oil & hemp seed oil so might try those in the future.
*The sage & chamomile were purchased in packets from the spice section of my local supermarket. You can certainly try it with organic-grown herbs if you prefer.
*The red clover herbs I already had on hand & was purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs. These are basically the same red clover that grows in fields, but had been organically grown and it consists only of the plants’ leaves & stems.

*I placed all the herbs in a clean empty jar.
*Pour the oil over them. Stir as you add more oil to eliminate air pockets & to make sure the herbs are covered in oil. In the end you should have enough oil in the jar so that when you stir the herbs they float freely & easily in the oil. You don’t want to pack them too tight.
*Cover your jar & place it in a larger bowl or pan filled with boiling water – you do not need to immerse the entire jar, but the water should at least cover the jar half-way.
*Leave the herbs to steep until water cools completely, stirring the herbs once or twice during the period.
*Remove the cold water & repeat the process with another batch of boiling water.
*Strain your oil through a cheese cloth or coffee filter. If using cheese cloth, you can twist to squeeze the last bits of oil from the herbs.

*I have been applying the oil to my problem spots with a cotton ball twice a day, morning & before bed time. I have used this for the past 2 weeks (coming into the 3rd now) and I have seen obvious improvements in my personal condition.
*It has alleviated most of the itching, though not all – I still get itchy occasionally, but not nearly as bad. I plan on working on that with the next batch.
*Much improvement on my skin texture – alleviated the flaky skin & bumps, softened my leathery patches to near normal skin texture.

I have been very happy to find such good results from this DIY potion. Hope this can help someone else.

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Well done! A couple other great ones to include in there are lavender and calendula as both are soothing and great to promote healing of damaged skin. Also, throw a pinch of each into some water and drink a cup of it as tea while making your oil! Coconut, hemp, and jojoba are fantastic topically.

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