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Plugged for a month

My ear has finally opened after a full month of being plugged. What a relief! I have had this problem 3 or 4 times over the last 8 years.

What finally worked for me was inhaling Eucalyptus Oil in steam through my nose. You can buy it in a vitamin store. The relief was intense and almost immediate. There are a few other remedies that helped along the way to healing but inhaling steam with Eucalyptus Oil had the greatest effect. I was able to use a steam room, but you can also just boil it in a pot, or use a steamer and drape a towel over your head to capture the steam. You don't need much eucalyptus oil, just a few drops in 2 cups of water is plenty. Inhale through the nose! Try to keep your head up. The first day I used it I found relief after 20 minutes. Unfortunately when I took a shower,I got more water in my ear. However I knew I was on the right track. The second day of using eucalyptus oil in steam, the effect was much greater, and I'm happy to tell you that I have about 80%-90% relief, and it is getting better.

I read this blog and did find some other things that helped:

1) Don't lay on your affected side. Keep your head propped up. It will keep the liquid from accumualting in the ear.

2) Whatever you put into your ear, warm it up to (at least) room temperature first.

3) Laying with my affected ear up, I used warm 100% hydrogen peroxide via a dropper. I did this for 15 minutes, or so. It doesn't hurt, but it will sting if you get it in your eyes (I found out the hard way). It bubbled like crazy, however it didn't open the ear canal. I found it helpful because it loosened things up. Afterward, I could hear 'sloshing' when I moved my ear with my finger. Some gunk leaked out, but not much. I did this for 3 days before trying the eucalyptus oil.

4) Another poster had a great idea. Submitted by bri at 2008-02-20 23:37:06
'I stuck my pointer fingers in my ears; not all the way, but enough for the tips of my nails to go slightly past the curve in the outer canal. With tops of the fingers pointing up, I kept my fingers straight and used the leverage to pry that outer opening of the ear up and towards the back of my head. It feels like its pulling on other things farther in the ear, and it doesn't hurt. It only muffles the hearing. I then yawned and kept those muscles stretched for as long as I could.

Within a few seconds, I could literally feel the warm buildup draining down my canals.'

Using this idea, I did get some very temporary slight relief, but not much. The best thing about this trick is I discovered that I would get better as soon as I could get the trapped fluid out of my ear.

I hope this post helps somebody. Don't panic and don't jam anything into your ear. It is a common problem, and you can heal yourself. It just takes time.

Thanks to all the others who shared their experiences, and thanks to whoever started this blog.

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S. Harvey

My left ear has been stopped up for 3 weeks, due to a BAD cold. I just read about the 100% hydrogen peroxide, and just tried was a little scary at first to hear all the bubbling. I waited about 5 min then I washed my ear out with warm water several times..... I'm hearing about 70% better already . I will do it again tomorrow.


This post (and the one who suggested #4 here) were great help to me. I had a congested, stuffed up, muffled ear for days after a bad cold. I tried the #4 trick several times during the day, and my ear got progressively better. Then, in the evening, I propped up my head and shoulders and slept on my back, sometimes with my head tilted slightly toward the side opposite my problem ear. I feel great the next day, probably not 100%, but I know I'm headed in the right direction.

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