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In my house, we know ALL about toothaches. My boyfriend has toothaches every day from acidic saliva from bad genetics (not to mention a junk food and cigarette habit). And I've had my share of toothaches, cavities, fillings, and root canals.
Ibuprofen and Orajel do WONDERS, but Orajel likes to come off and I can't take much Ibuprofen because I have stomach and intestine problems which worsen with Ibuprofen. Any other remedies would be fantastic!

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Ok. so... 'acidic saliva' as you put it could possibly cause a weak enamel, however most dental problems are not, I repeat, NOT GENETIC. soft enamel can be treated with a toothpaste with floride (most have them) apples are good, & stay away from acid, citric foods/drinks. The best possible treatment for poor dental health is a visit to the dentist for regular six month cleanings, to remove built up plaque & treat cavity's,flossing & taking care of your teeth at home. Please dont blame dental neglect on genetics. some people have different medical conditions that cause weak enamel, but not caring about your teeth is not a medical condition.. its dumb.


hi. i had a awful toothache just a few minutes ago and looked on the internet for home remadies as it is saturday and there is no dentist available. i came across a very interesting remedy that most of have in our kitchen.. GARLIC!!! yes garlic. well i don't have fresh or whole garlic so i used garlic powder and in just a few seconds after putting a pinch of garlic powder in the cavity where the pain originated the pain is completly gone as if it was never there.. this is a must try.. it works and also kills exposed bacteria and can in some cases
toothaches. cool


Have had a toothache for days..Searched on here for some home remedies and the one that is right now working for me: vanilla extract mixed with cayenne pepper,make a thick paste and put on affected tooth!! Overpowering burn for alittle while but hey, toothache is going away!!! I will take the hot over the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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