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I am in my mid-forties and have had asthma for 30 years. These are the remedies I swear by and have picked up over the years -- many from doctors or nurses. Please note I do the following in conjunction with my asthma meds, which I have cut down on with the help of all those listed below.

Take a hot shower with the shower head on the most forceful setting and as hot as you can stand it. Sit down so that your back is to the water and allow it to 'beat on your back'. The water will relax you, the steam is good to breathe in and the pounding helps loosen the phlegm.

Drink ginger ale. Caffeinated beverage irritate my stomach, so I drink ginger ale. I DON't drink it flat. The carbonation helps me -- ahem -- relase any trapped gas in my chest and the ginger helps with nausea that may sometimes accompany asthma.

Massage your feet. I know this sounds corny, but if you look at reflexology guides there may be somethng to it.

Massage your back (or have someone do it for you.) This also helps you to relax.

Also eating right, loosing any extra weight and getting regular exercise between attacks is crucial! You want to strengthen your heart and lungs and keep them that way.

Prayer and mediatition is always good 'medicine' in any situation.

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I don't know if I have asthma or not. Most of the females in my family do. What I'm going through seems like it, but like most ppl I can't afford insurance. For a couple of months now (mainly in the morning) I wake up not being able to breathe (its almost like someone is sitting on my chest) I cough up a lot of thick, nasty stuff. :( ty for the help u have posted here. I will def try it, it can't make it worse lol

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