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Gargle every hour with vineager water or salt water.

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why do you wana (stalker)

hello people thats common sence i knew that when i was 5, and it works i have 2 go gargle now


This has worked for me, i tried equal parts cider vinegar and water. Didnt make me feel sick like other people!my throat even looks less inflamed

Miserable in Michigan

I have a terrible sore throat and sinus infection. The ACV worked awesome and instantly!


this does work


Absolutely works for me when I use salt water. I don't get why everyone is such a baby and just can't handle it..


did the acv thing and it worked right away. Aloha


the ACV works ammazingly. For years I have used salt water with ok affects. Last night I had the mother of all sore throats, I gargled with 1/2 and 1/2 ACV and water. Pain decreased 90% almost immediatly 4 hours later I was completly better!


Maybe its just me, but I've been gargling water with salt for years and the sore throat goes away within days instead of minutes or the following day. There is no difference. I'm willing to try the vinegar. Can it be regular vinegar or does it have to be ACV?


Worked for me. Tried salt water first, didn't do anything for me. Tried the ACV and I can swallow again! Thanks!


i gargle my boyfriends salty balls it works.

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