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Gargle every hour with vineager water or salt water.

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Ive been gargling with salt water ever since I was little. If you do it before bed...your sore throat will be gone the next morning.

sore throat

What I do is mix the two (vinegar and salt) add lemon and gargle it. My mom made me do this when I was younger the taste is disgusting but it works.


I did the salt water thing and gargled as far back as possible w/out swallowing, it only felt about 5% and it still hurt.


It only felt about 5% BETTER and it still hurt

(correction from above)

Monique Collemen

This did not work for me but it all depends on your system. I would try it but stop immediatly if it doesnt work on the first try because i threw up


It's alright. still hurts a little and OMG it tasts NASTY. I guess it works 'cuz the bad taste takes your mind off the pain.


I just tried to garle with salt water & quite literally ALMOST threw up! It was *SOOO* awful! I even plugged my nose while doing it (thinking I wouldn't be able to taste it) & that did nothing. I'll keep the sore throat for now thank you. Ugh! :(


Exactly how much salt to how much water are you to use? Let's say I'm going to gargle with a cup (250 mls.) of water with salt. How much salt do I put in? A teaspoon???



This worked for me. First I tried vinegar+water. OMG HORRIBLE!! It burned my tongue a bit but the pain was 90% gone. Then I tried with salt water and the pain was still 90% gone. Then I tried pure apple cider vinegar straight up. NASTY AS ALL HELL but I think it may have helped. I'd say stick with salt water if you not like nasty ass tasting stuff.


My 11yo daughter has had a severe sore throat all day. I had her try this and it did make her gag, but she thanked me profusely as the pain was totally alleviated! That was 45 min. ago and she is still feeling much better. She said she would definitly want to do it again if it started to hurt as it helped her sooo much!

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