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Gargle every hour with vineager water or salt water.

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Gargling with a salt water solution works, but don't do the vinegar thing. Ew . . .


The apple cider vinegar worked awesome. I imediately felt its effects and the soreness was cut in half. I then gargled with asprin disolved in water and I cann't feel it anymore. Cheers and goodnight.
PS Tried Salt water before the ACV and it didn't do anything for me except help get rid of a little flem.


ACV is the best. If u can handle it without water its even better, the acid kills the mucus in the sore throat! gargle pure acv, the sore throat will be gone in 24hrs

but if u cant handle acv alone, use 4oz of water with a teaspoon of acv and gargle!!


I can't do that. Gargling w/ salt water too much makes me gag & puke.


I found that the ACV really did work for me. I felt so much better after using it. Also, I didn't just do one method; I did the vinegar, salt and water mixture, and I boiled limes and drank them with honey.


For my grandkids that cannot do the vineger gargle, I give them big dill pickles. They have learned to grab a pickle as soon as throat gets sore. Works for me




I have been using 2 Tspns of ACV to about 6 ounces of water. It has a sharp taste, but is soothing--salt water gargle seems more soothing--will see if the gargling every hour does in fact kill the bacteria and improve the condition.

sore throat in CA

Gargling w/ this solution was amazing. If you can get past the taste of vinager it is awesome. I accidentally swallowed some and it worked really good so I sipped the rest of it when it got to a half an ounce.
Good Luck

Columbia Falls MT

I had a sore throat and tried gargling with just straight apple cider vinegar, and being I don't mind the taste, it didn't bother me. I think that the acid in the vinegar must somehow numb your throat or kill the bacteria because my throat already feels much better. For those of you that can't stand the taste of ACV I suggest making a tea out of water honey and vinegar.

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