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Please don't hurt yourself with these home remedies. I am reading stories of acid burns and chemical burns. It is not necessary. Please try and following remedies and NONE of them are uncomfortable. It will help you feel better not only physically by relieve some of the stress of your condition. The first remedy is based on a university study were 100% of the participants (all women) were CURED of the herpes strain that cause HPV within 90 days (no sign of the original infection in the blood stream). HPV can be cause by a strain of the virus, were males are usually the host. Can be used by men ans women. Use equally 1 part aloe (soothing and heals cells including cancer), 1 part tea tree oil (anesthetic), and 1 part bee propolis (anesthetic and healing). Use this as a topical solution. Please note this solution is safe inside (internally) the body as long as you are not allergic to the ingredients. It can also be used as a suppository or internally for ulcers located on the mucus membranes by dipping a tampon in the solution. IT IS INSTANTLY SOOTHING and the anestithic makes you feel CLEAN (physically and mentally). Don't use tea tree oil more than 2 a day for more than two weeks internally, your outbreak should be long gone by then.
Bee propolis can also be taken orally just as you would take honey.
A drop of peroxide in water can help as oxygen therapy. Also for those with asthma or other condition which effect oxygen in the body, please keep your asthma under control. This will help allot.
In addition to aloe for pain, Tylenol or Aleve taken orally will help.
Take a multivitamin to keep your immune system and general health at it best.
Please let me know how this easy and safe remedy works. Consult a physician as need.

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Does this CURE or simply treat the outbreaks?


you can not get herpes FROM a blood test...sorry


Is there a substitute for the propolis? I can't find it anywhere.

inffected sadly

Is this really a cure like it will go away nd never come back or is it just a treament? I really need to know ASAP!!

happy :)

WOW...this worked almost immediately and did not sting...only felt like menthol for about 10 minutes and then the pain and itch was gone. Thanks for posting this remedy.


Thank you for your post. I have not tried this yet but I do look forward to trying it. I have had herpes and HPV for 20 years and I do get outbreaks on and off and I have never found anything that helps. I recently went to my dr and they gave me the normal valtex which does not help and 2 creams which one was $236. I could not afford that one so took the less expensive one Lidocaine. This cream seemed to do nothing. i even tried a cream that was given to me for a fungal skin infection called Nystatin and triamcinolone Acetonide. This actually helped take some of the itching away .
I used to only get vaginal sores but for the last few years i am getting sores just under my tailbone and they make sitting painful. At times i would even put Balmax on it just to soothe it. It did not help to heal the sores but put a sooting coating on the sores and made it more comfortable to sit.

I heard that Valtrex makes the virus act up more and like I said i never did get relief from it myself. It seems that alot of people on this site have had some success with propolis and I am anxious to try that.

I am also diabetic and can get yeast iffections easily and I have noticed that when yeast sits on your skin it can cause a burning sensation like a sore and be painful. For this reason i carry babywipes with me and clean throughly several times a day to keep any yeast from remaining on the skin for long periods of time.

I would love to talk to others who have these issues and maybe we can share experiences and help get through this together. I will let you all know how the propolis works for me and please share your story and ideas as well :-)

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