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deoderante will take the burn away instantly!!!

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This worked so well!!!!


Deodorant? Not a good place for chemicals, especially when I want to kiss my hubby's face. This is a bad idea.

Teenage dude

Holy hell, I got shaving burns everywhere under the groin and this saved me, 10/10


Thank. You.


Tried this just now with Dove powder and it worked like a charm ;) Thank you so much! Now I'll be able to go to sleep and be able to work properly tomorrow. Anybody who's skeptical, just try it out, you'll see :)


Just saying.. It you attempt to dry shave anywhere, and put deodorant on, it will burn like a mommyhugger..


Thank you soooo hubby thinks I have lost it. I however feel so much better


Deodorant is not a natural remedy and aside from the bad things it does locking in your sweat and preventing your body from detoxing its waste, it has loads of chemicals. It always makes my razor burn worse. 1/10 simply because you can't vote lower.


Whoever you are, thank you. I just dry shaved my legs this afternoon really fast so i could wear capris to the gymand had been tossing and turning trying to fall asleep because of my razor burn. I got up and searched for lotion and put on Vaseline Shea butter lotion and I mean a generous amount and about 30 seconds later I felt pain like I can only imagine equals the level of pain one would feel while being skinned alive. I ran to the bathroom and threw water on my legs but it only made it worse so I ran to my phone to look up how to treat razor burn with something I should have handy and this was the shortest answer so I tried it on a whim and my legs feel marvelous (though they are still swollen and puffy). Only down side is that my black sheets will be a sight to see in the morning. Seriously....thank you I was about to drive to the emergency room!


As in the spray or the rub on deodorant?

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