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I have read most of these posts and you have to learn your body personally. Having a lot of different health issues and doctors not being able to pinpoint causes and treatments, I have researched things my self. everyone is saying eat yogurt yogurt yogurt. caution! although yogurt does contain the necessary living bacteria to help balance this condition, eating too much sugar filled flavored yogurt can cause reoccuring yeast infections. also there are differnt probiotics. research to ensure that the yogurt you are eating contains lactobacilli. I have not found sugar free plain yogurt brands in the united states. if you choose to eat yogurt on a daily basis, verify it contains low sugar. The lowest grams of sugar i have found in stores is 3 grams. if anyone knows of a sugar free brand in the states, let me know! Eating things such as mushrooms and garlic cause odor to seep through your thin vaginal walls. The best advice is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink your daily amount of water. If you are not a fan of uncooked, fresh vegetables, slightly cook them to ensure the nutrients remains. eggplant is a vegetable that retains its nutritional value whether raw or fully cooked. water is need in every cell of your body to function. water is an excellent cleanser. the number of ounces you drink per day should be equal to half your body weight...Using a probiotic as a suppositry is interesting. I dont know much about that but i will be looking into it. soaking in tea tree oil and vinegar baths consecutively for 3 to 5 days once a month helps the average person. i personally take them 3 to 5 days before and after my cycle. If you take birth control that prevents you from having menstrual bleeding monthly, that is not healthy. menstrual bleeding is a natural cleanser, just like urination and bowel movements, and can help prevent this problem also. learn your body and your daily food intake and excretions. then trial and error. happy journeys!!!!!!

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I tried this last night and it WORKED! I have been having bad vaginal odor for about 5 years now.

This is such a huge relief to me -- thank you!

I'll come back and let you know how long it lasted. Hoping I can do it after every period.


What is the ratio of tea tree oil and vinegar?


Also wondering how much tea tree oil and how much vinegar to use. . ...


**Somebody else wrote about using tea tree oil, and said to use 5-6 drops of it. . . .not sure about the vinegar though.


I used 10drops of tea tree oil in a vinegar and water douche for 7 days...the odor I was having for the last 3 year is gone....that was 2 months ago...I would recommend the tea tree can get the tea tree oil at GNC.


How much vinegar?


thank you for your helpful information. cascade fresh fat free yogurt has no sugar in the ingredients. there is pectin, active cultures, grade A pasteurized nonfat milk. i found it at a 'health food' store. distributed by: cascade fresh inc. p.o. box 33576, seattle. wa 96133-0576 800 511-0057


I mix a few drops tea tree oil with either vitamin e or water, soak a tampon and insert 3-7 hours a day for about a week.
You can buy the box of different size tampons with plastic applicators. Open a small and a large. Take the two apart, soak the cotton of the smaller one and then insert it into the larger applicator.
A quick soak or it will expand to much. I was scared of this method but it didn't burn and helped.


Addressing the comment about it being healthy to have monthly menstruation: Only in our culture today does it occur normally once a month for ~30 years. Previously most women were having children not too long after puberty and nursing for long periods of time and at frequent enough times to inhibit menstruation, immediately followed by many more children..and then menopause. It is in no way a cleansing activity, merely a shloshed off layer of skin that grew in hopes of a successful pregnancy. There should not be any concern about not having your period monthly (as long as estrogen is provided in the pill- for its cardiac and muscle benefits). The biggest question today is whether the increased number of periods that women in our culture are having is causing any harm.(source: mammalian reproduction studies). Just thought I would throw that out there.


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