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A friend of mine had really bad nose bleeds and had them quite often. He went to his regular physician which, sent him to a specialist. The specialist told my friend that it was caused by his nose being to dry, which would cause the inside of you nose to crack and bleed... Kind of like chapped lips. He said that he could give him an expensive prescription but, sugested he us KY JELLY, just wash hands first, put a little on you finger and coat the inside of each nostril. This can be done several times a day, as needed. The reason is, KY JELLY is water based therefore, more natural unlike Vaseline/petroleum jelly. My son has been doing this as well and it works!

***To femove blood stains from clothes/sheets soak spot in peroxide for a couple of min. then wash in cold water. For the mattress, put a little peroxide on the spot with a toothbrush and clean gently till the spot is removed... For best results, if you have a carpet steamer or wet vac... after using the peroxide, apply clean water and rinse to remove the blood/peroxide instead of just allowing it to soak farther in the mattress (yuck). Good luck and God bless!

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