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orange sulfer creek water

My mother use to take my brother and I down to a sulphur creek once or twice a year around the beging of summer when the water was worm enough to set down in and we would scrape the wet muddy orange sulpher off the rocks and put it on are psoriasis . and soak about a half hour to one hour and it would totally clear them up, No red spots no flaks . Some time we would go back a second time but it usually works the first time .
In the winter months though we would start seeing them again but my brother would be cover with them by the end of winter ,even his scalp was like one big psoriasis.
My mother told me back in the olden days this is how people got rid of psoriasis.
NOTE - never swim in creeks because of underwater wool pools that could pull you in and drown you.

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I like what you said until the creek part. How deep are your creeks? I have never heard of this.

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