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Take a 'shot' to numb the pain. Take a swig of whiskey, hold over the painful tooth and swish around gums. Your gums will absorb some of the alcohol and that will numb the pain. Spit out the rest. This worked almost immediately for me.

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Jack Daniels

Don't you mean, swallow the rest?


thank you sir or maam it took the pain right out =P


I'm gonna try this one, hope it works (dental appt on wednesday)


i have had tooth pain for 2 months. usually take ibuprofin and or tylenol. 3 days ago pain got worse. i stoped takin pills and got drunk. worked great...even after i was sober. no pain for half a day.


Oh! My! This does work! I swished with Vodka and Brandy and I don't feel any throbbing! Thanks!!!!!


For those of you who dont have these alcoholic beverages around your house you can also use rubbing alcohol, just soak a cotton swab or the end of a Qtip in the rubbing alcohol and place it on the tooth, it may intinsify the pain for about 3-5 seconds but then it will completely take away any pain and lasts for a while. Try to avoid touching the tounge and jaw too much cause it will burn the skin after a while. But just to keep it real, I would trade the pain for the skin burn any day. GOOD LUCK

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