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this remedy is 100% going to work!

1) drink a full glass of water

2) have a sip of something fizzy then go to the toilet

3) eat something hot, YOUR CURED!

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After suffering with a stomach ache and diarrhea for most of the day,I decided to try this remedy, and it worked!


i think it only works for 1 in 1000 people cause stomach ache is not just of one type its better suggest for the most causing pains for example most of the causes are because of taking junk food, stomach infection, indigestion, food poison its better to take a doctor's advice if anything we want to follow

Celicia Swafford

My stomach was hurting so bad,so I went online and I found this remedie so I tried it and it totally worked. :)


hot as in spicy or heat hot???

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