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Mark DDS

For severe toothache: You have an infection or a nerve exposed. If you can see the tooth, if a hole/crack/missing filling, bees wax, or temp filling (avail at drug stores) to plug hole. If you have abcess (infection) do NOT PLUG THE HOLE. You must get this to drain. Milk it (pressure) by pressing on swollen area. Do this until it either comes out violently (like a big zit) or it eventually finds a path and starts draining. Then put heat on it (after its draining) and keep milking it until the pain/swelling is gone. Get to dentist asap.

DRY SOCKET: This is exposed bone when the blood plug/clot is lost. If possible go back to dentist, the dentist who extracted tooth has responsibility to treat this at no charge. (followup care). If not possible, get iodoform gauze from pharmacy (not an rx item). Cut a small 1/4' strip, dip very end (tiny amount) in some red cross toothache remedy (eugenol). Ring/remove excess. Only about 1/16' should be covered, and no excess. Flush socket with warm water using large syringe, water pick, in shower (let forceful stream into socket to get food etc out). Insert the guaze strip eugenol end first with tweezers. Remove/repeat (not the flushing part) every 8 hours until you can see a dentist. If not repeat 8 hours day 1, 12 hours day 2, everyday 3, should be healed by day 4-5.

Take 800mg ibuprofin (4 tabs) up to 4 x day (for adults). Many studies have found ibuprofen superior or equal to narcotics for dental pain. Dont believe me? Check yourself.

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