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I had a huge fever blister pop up on my lower lip 2 days ago, a few started in the corner of my mouth and 1 tiny on the upper lip started yesterday morning. I was searching my medicine cabinet and ran across a tube of Bikini Zone and figured 'oh why not?'. I washed the areas with warm water and antibacterial soap and then applied the gel, on the blisters only, with a Qtip. To my surprise the tiny bump on the upper lip is GONE the huge blister is smaller (minimal scabbing) and the ones in the corner are barely noticeable. Not to mention the gel cools/numbs the area so you are pain, itch and tingle free for a while. No popping of the blister is necessary for this application. Hope this helps you like it helped me!

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Beach Lover

Well I got to much sun at the beach a couple of days ago and low and behold, fever blisters started today. I tried the Listerine, sea salt and found I still had some Bikini Zone I had and I applied it. It stung like heck but after awhile my lips numbed and hopefully I will have good results. BTW none of my blister had burst so hopefully it will work faster. Thanks poster for posting this.


Did that work BeachLover?

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