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Not trying to be cheesy but, this works for me.

Before going out to dinner with my husband I simply get him to suck on my lips. He has mastered it! When he sucks on the top lip he pulls out but, mostly in an upward motion. On the bottom lip he will pull out and in a downward motion. We have been married for over 10 years and we still love it. He really, really enjoys doing this and he loves the way my lips look afterwards and while we are out, it is a really big turn on for him to look at my plump lips and imagine sucking on them. This makes for an interesting evening, enjoyable for us both. I kind of hate to tell my little secret but... Maybe someone else will benifit from this 'HOT TIP' !

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brilliant made me smile....


try a little bit of tabasco on ur lips, it will tingle for about 10 minutes, but trust me, ur lips will look amazing for couple of hours.


Wow ur right


There are many options to plump your lips. You can try natural or other lip plumper. Here is a site where you will get variety of lip plumper with full details


that's a little weird


what the heck who would do that and what if you are to young to any way


what a fun way to look good for your man wow awesome I gotta try it thank you I knew there was natural ways and this 1 sounds like the best way to do it so far x o x o thank you


AWWWWWWW not trying to be the "cliche" girl but that really is goals tbh

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