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Kim H.

My 5yr old soon just woke up crying and screaming his ear was hurting, I gave him some Motrin, boiled a face towel in hot water double wrapped it in a sandwich bag and covered with another face tirrell so he could lay his infected ear upon it to help release pressure, then I dropped to drops of regular vinegar in his ears and now he has not cried since, testing calming until he falls back to sleep, hope this helps some one who is not able to see a doctor for antibiotics until the following day....just a simple mom sharing my experience :)

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the vinegar in the ear....thanks so much it works..


I just wanted to say thanks for the advice. My son suffer from recurrent ear infections and decided to look up solutions. And just wanted to let you know that it works for him also. Your advice was a life saver. And it does seem like kids have an ear infection when the doctor's office is closed. Once again THANKS!! :)


All i can say is that youre an angel! Lol.. Its 3:00 in the morning and my five year old daughter just woke up crying of ear pain. With some motrin and a warm wash cloth she just went back to sleep. We will follow up with a trip to her dr in the morning. Thanks from Oklahoma!


I think it worked! God Bless You!

Lucky Dunn

Well I must say out of desperation I finally turned to the net. My wife never sleep whole night with a terrorbile ear ache so as recommended I put two drops of regular vinegar in her ear and a warm cloth by her ear. Numbed her ear up in minutes 5 to 10 minutes. Thank you so much for your advice.


oh my thank u sooo much I hav had problems wit ear infections for as long as I can remember but when I woke up this morn I knew that it was bad my ear hurt so bad its been about 45 min since I tried ur remidy I still hav the hot towel on my ear but the pain is almost gone thank u soo much

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