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I had some white stuff between my toes since i was about 12. the doctors gave me some medicine a while back to get rid of it but it didnt work. i pretended like it wasnt there but having recently gone on a health and all natural mission i decided to try out a natural treatment. i stumbled accros a video which briefly spoke on the benefits of honey and garlic now 23 i tried treating it by crushing or grating garlic and mixing with honey and applying between my toes one night and woke up the next morning to a ridiculous change, there was lituraly 90% less white over night. having continued this treatment for around 4 daays i have been looking between my atleast ten times a day to check that i am not seeing things... but yeah, honey and garlic is another option if you would want to try it

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Scott Weber

Honey is a natural germ protector. That is why it doesn't need to be refrigerated. It is also a good option for burn victums to prevent infection.


When you put the honey and garlic on you feet how did you sleep ?? Did you put somehing over the honeyed foot?


Yes I would like to know the same thing! Do I wrap it in cloth or do I use a sock!?

RE socks & covers:
It seems that treatment substances and possible wound shedding should be contained.
Also, I suspect the fungus tries to reestablish in other areas; ( the other foot, navel, groin, etc., even the nails. These creatures can mutate FAST. Infected area separation is a must.
These are my thoughts with no proof.

I tried powdered table salt. It being hydrophylis could possibly destroy the fungus by dehydrating it. PERHAPS, BUT IT WAS PART OF A SO FOR SUCCESSFUL EFFORT to stop night pain from the infection.
WE WILL LICK THIS WITH, OR WITHOUT COMMERCIALIZED TREATMENTS. Keep personal sanitation at the highest reasonable level I think the fungus mutates and stays with the host (us)
until oblirated.

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