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John W.

I had an abcess causing huge and painfull swelling. Looking through the net for help I found a reference to echinacea. I have some echinacea capsules so I emptied out the powder from one capsule and made a paste with a couple of drops of water (so it sticks together but not runny). I pressed this into the gum directly where the abcess was and in-between the tooth and gum and overnight the swelling had reduced by at least half and the pain had gone. I repeated this twice during the today because eating and drinking washed it away (so eat first, apply after). By this evening my face is almost back to normal and I have no more pain. I will keep this treatment going for a few days to make sure; it is the first time I have tried it and it has worked like a dream; much faster than antibiotics plus a lot cheaper than a visit to the dentist!

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First off, you're the man. This works. Even echinacea tea worked, i havent tried capsules but they're probably better. This swelling will be gone by the time i go to the dentist at this point.

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