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If you get a dry socket, which is an exposed bone, no blood clot covering it and a massive infection starts, by all means go to the dentist. They will use the 'little piece of gauze' called iodoform, available at every drug store, ask, cut a strip 1/4' wide (its about 1/2 wide ribbon--10 ft or so long). With forceps (tweezers) place the end down the socket, but you MUST flush it first with a water pik or large syringe. (Large = 5-10ml, curved plastic tip a 'feeding syringe' avail at feed and vet stores) Fill with boiled (sterile) water, cool to room temp first, and flush several times with high pressure. You must get all food, debris, pus, out of that socket. Then place the strip. It simply allows for drainage and keeps the bone covered until a blood clot re-forms. Replace (only flush once) the strip with new every 8-12 hours the first day or two, and every day until pain is gone, about 3-5 days. Another way is to buy the temporary filling material, flush out socket, fill with temp filling. Go to dentist asap. This is to allow that bone to be covered and protected. This must be removed so you will want to go and have it removed/xrayed.

IF you paid to have a dentist extract teeth they will take care of the dry socket at no additional cost. Just call them 24 hours a day. Its a dental emergency and you are entitled to this. Thats their job. Even if you go out of town and develop this most dentists will treat it for no or a very small fee. Dont fool with it unless you have no other choice. (no dentist, middle of weekend/night, dentist not avail, etc.) Go as soon as possible, this is a 'band aid only'


Kind if crazy that he told you that. Because I you ever get dry socket the dentist most likely will give you a piece of dissolvable gauze soaked in a Clive oil. That's what the dentist does that I work for and the dentist that did mine when ingot dry socket and it worked perfectly. When nothing else would take away the pain


I would love to know which dentist told you that....I have a dry socket been to three different dentists. They all used clove oil........


(from somone whos had their fair share)
In order of effectiveness: (IMO)
Take 4 Ibuprofen(200mg). 800mg = 1 prescription strength. While waiting for that to kick in:

1. Clove oil. Red Cross Toothache Kit (Rite Aid/Walgreens) Best $7-8 youll ever spend. OR
2. Pure Vanilla or Peppermint Extract (not imitation). Not as potent as clove oil, but the relief is still significant!
3.Strong liquor - Jack, Jim, Jameson, whatever you got. Swish around the area for as long as you can. I dont recommend drinking it if youve taken the 4 ibuprofen.
4. Hot or cold compress. Pain will react to one or the other... if cold makes it worse, go with the hot. Obviously.
5. Keep your head up. No...really. When you lie down, more blood flows to the area causing more swelling, and suprise... more pain.
6. If you have an abcess and facial swelling and cant afford the dentist, please go to the E.R. and they will give you antibiotics and prescription pain meds. This could easily become life threatening if you allow the infection to spread too far.

Hope this helps. Its the tried-and-true of what Ive found on the web. For me at least.


I just had all four wisdom teeth removed a week and a half ago and I am still suffereing from dry sockets. I have to go to my oral surgeon once a week to have the extracted sites packed with gauze. I just wanted to comment about the clove oil. My mom had told me about the home remedy so I went to my local pharamacy and purchased some clove oil. The first time I used it, I dipped a Q-tip into the bottle and put it on the incision area. Well some must have gotten on my lip and went down my throat and started burning. I had to take a wet wash cloth and wipe my lips and drink a glass of milk to coat my throat. I only used it one more time after that. When I went back to my oral surgeon I told them what I did and he said, that clove oil will cause chemical burns. He advised me that the clove oil (eugenol) that they put on the gauze is diluted and not full strength like you get over the counter at your pharmacy. Needless to say I stopped using the clove oil and use maximum strenth abesol.


Went to back to the dentist today & was told dry socket. He used the clove oil stuff & gauze & warned me to NOT use a water pik or the like. Warned that water piks cause more damage!

Blah blah

If you read the clove oil bottle.... It says to dilute with a carrier oil. If you don't dilute, or the follow directions, that could be why it burns.... This is a perfect example of why it is important to READ instructions, especially when dealing with medical issues.


I also had a wisdom tooth extracted and ended up with a dry socket. The oral surgeon informed me that the clove oil he used had a base of peanut oil. It worked wonders for the first 36 hours then it started to wear off.


Glad to find all your comments, on day 5 after having a molar pulled. No pain after two days, lots of pain since then. I've used essentials oils and knew about cloves for toothaches, but wasn't sure about using it after dental work. After reading the comments, I tried it this morning. Yesssssss!! No pain.

About essential clove oil: You have to dilute it in a carrier oil or it will burn your skin. Mix 5 drops clove oil to a teaspoon of base oil. I use almond oil, but olive oil or other light oils will work just as well.

That Red Cross toothache kit sounds great too, if you don't want to mess around with the oils. I see that the active ingredient is a clove derivative.


I had a lower left molar extracted on Tuesday it is now Sunday. I'm still in tears from pain. My upper gums have swelled painfully and the extraction site is still pretty painful and throbs on occasion. I am maxing out my doses of ibuprofen.

I have purchased clove oil but I'm not sure how to go about using it. Will it bring me relief? Will this pain subside soon? I can't afford to revisit the dentist at this time as well as it is Sunday and I'm not sure who can help me .

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