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Still dealling with sinus and allergies...
I was taking a med that was for both, sinus and allergies. Then, my ear got stopped up and I was having chest congestion so I thought maybe I needed to switch to a cold med instead. I talked to my pharmacist and he said that I still needed the allergy med, which is an antihistamine but... He said that I could take the cold med and take an antihistamine with it. As long as the cold med didn't have an antihistamine in it... *Don't take two meds that are for the same symptom!*

***Check with your Dr. or Pharmacist***

I chose one with a: Pain reliever/ fever reducer
nasal decongestant
cough suppresant
and an expectorant Antihistamine is for: sneezing, itchy watery eyes,
runny nose, itching of the nose & throat
A multi vitamin will help with immune system.

And for a quick fix for stopped up ears try this...
Turn your head sideways, w/ the stopped up ear toward the ceiling, hold your nose & blow very, very softly till they pop or unstop. Do a few blows soft & slow. *If you do it too hard you can hurt yourself & even damage your ear drum.*
You may have to do this several times a day, sometimes they will stop back up.
Good luck & God bless. Hope this helps some1.

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don't plug your nose to open up your ear that pushes the germs in to your ear canal

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