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I thought i was INVINCIBLE?

Have had 3 tooth abcsess' over the years,defo get to the dentist asap it will only get worse. Have tried pretty much every home remedy and none really worked, the only thing that works for me is continually rinsing my mouth with cold or ice water (warm water made the pain only worse) it only gives maybe a minute or 2 relief but when you have an abcsess it will do!! Hope it helps

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no WAY! Hot may hurt, but cold hurts just as bad.
I SWEAR it's one of the worst pains I have EVER experienced. Sleep at an incline; laying flat puts pressure on the tooth, and raising your head will relieve some of that pressure.


When I first tried cold water it hurt very bad. But a day later I tried it again and now it's the only thing that gives me relief from the pain...even if it is for a minute or so. When you're at the point where you just want to yank out your own tooth a minute of pain relief feels like heaven.

Auswaldo Carrera

This is due to gas build up in the gums.. I have had the same issue and cold water tends to remove the pain immediately for just a little while. You need to get all that good stuff extracted from your gums at the dentist

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