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Hi guys,
So I first got stretchmarks when I was 10 from puberty. I got them bad and I got them everywhere, its basically a genetic thing for me. Anyway a couple years ago I lost a bunch of weight and got stretch marks again, but this time I moisturized like crazy and for the ones on my arms i used pure vitamin E oil. Its about 7$ a bottle and thought it didn't make my stretchmarks disappear, it kept the new ones pretty thin and almost invisible.
This year I gained 10 pounds and am getting the worst stretchmarks yet in all the places I didn't before. I am cursed. I tried Strivectin at 120$ a bottle and it did not help at all. However now I am trying coconut oil as some people swear by it and as always vitamin E!

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Ive been using a derma roller along with mederma for aboout 2 months now and my stretch marks are fading. Not a huge result yet but its a slow process. Another thing that I just found out about is 'the stretch stops here kit'. A lot of women were raving about it. I also saw people talking about medical crystals. Hope this helps. If I were you Id start with the streth stops here kit, people were saying they saw a minimum of 50% difference in 2 months.


I've heard about the medical crystals and ordered some to use an an exfoliator. I'm also giving trilastin a try now so hopefully that works :)


Coconut oil is amazing, I use it on my body every day. I am exfoliating with a coffee body scrub and moisturizing with coconut oil afterwards weekly. I am also using a dermaroller every few weeks. The recent addition of a coffee body scrub to my routine is really helping.

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