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Ok so I've never had a yeast infection and didn't know the symptoms so I looked up different diseases of the female anatomy. I think it was a yeast infection starting. Anyway I applied some colloidal silver (about 8 drops) to my vagina and let it be overnight. In the morning I felt good and throughout the day I felt a little pain coming on, but not as bad as before. I also ingested a little CS as well. The next day I think it was healed because there was no pain or anything and even almost a week later I'm pain/irritation-free and I think the colloidal silver really helps. I use 500ppm Nature's Path brand. I hope this can help you as well.

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Beware of colloidal silver!!!!!! It can be absorbed by the skin and it make your skin turn blue (argyria). My best friend has been going through very expensive and extremely painful laser treatments to try to restore her skin to its natural color. She is also having trouble becoming pregnant which may or may not be related to the colloidal silver ingestion. Anyone reading this, please do lots of research before ingesting or applying anything, especially colloidal silver.

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