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Marijuana is the remedy. This is the only thing that has worked for me.

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OK I am retired and will probably never be subjected to a random drug test. That only leaves me with the problem of how to get the pot. I was such a nerd that I couldn't get it when I was a teenager. RLS is miserable and gets worse with time and I would be game to try the pot, but....


I partake from time to time and still suffer horribly


I agree! I have has RLS for many years and have tried many remedies including Mirapex and Carbodopa/Levadopa both of which tend to not work after a while, and take sometimes an hour to kick in. Pot takes only a hit or two and works within the first 10 minutes. When will they recognise this as a legitimate drug?!


ive smoked pot for the last twenty years about the same time ive suffered from rls,so it dont work for me(stopped smoking pot for two months now yey) so im sat here with a hot chocalate hoping that will work and just took two asprin ,i heard something about it thinning the blood....ill let you know if it works


I use to smoke and it helped so much but since I quit smoking it has come back even worse. I would love to go back to smoking but I have no connections where I am living now. I have found taking benadryl will help knock me out but it does not always work and it seems I am taking it every night. I have tried magnesium, tonic water, drinking water throughout the day, exercise and the only thing that comes close is benadryl just to knock me out. I am hoping for something more natural like day it will be legalized.

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