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My wife has rls . We found that
TONIC WATER helps ! it must contain
quinine ! it taste aweful but seems
to work and is relately inexspensive

Ron n Karen

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B. Williams

I had never heard of RLS until I went to the WebMD site and put in my symptoms. My symptoms are serve pain in the back of both legs (calves) that wake me every morning between 4 am and 5 am. I did not start experiencing this pain until after being treated for sciatic. I had pain block therapy (epidural steroid injection (cortisone)) for my sciatic which I believe could have caused nerve damage. I am sure that my doctor will not tell me if the treatment made things worse. I am looking to use some of the natural remedies on the web site to see if I can find some relief? I plan to start with increasing my vitamin take.

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