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The easiest and most available cure is to separate an egg and after normal change and cleansing coat the babies 'parts' in the white of the egg. Allow to dry in the air of the room then fasten on new nappy (diaper)
Clears a bed nappy rash in less then 36 hours every time - and I have 4 daughters that can testify that this works !!

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I mixed this remedy with some coloidal oatmeal to top and my son was smilig again. Thank you all


My parents suggested this to me for my baby and it's fantastic. Works so quickly. We pop it in the fridge between changes do it cooling for the rash too. I think it counter acts the higher levels of amonia babies swallow from excess saliva when they are teething.


thanks so much for this! i was using desitin diaper rash creme on my daughter and it was slowly working but the egg began clearing the rash in 1 day! And im sure the cool egg is soothing for discomfort. much cheaper too!


This worked awesome! I did use acpaste mixture of corn starch and water first for an hour with no pamper than the egg white overnight. The rash was gone the next morning!


dont if you baby is below 1 year of age or allergic to eggs !!


hello , i have a 10 months old baby , she is having severe nappy rask , redness with bit of pimples ..been applying creams , but no use...
regarding this egg white, so we need to boil the egg and coll it then wipe out rash area with egg white portion ? Pls elaborate on the procedure of it pls i am great need ....
thanks in advance


To clarify the egg has to be raw to be appiled to the baby's bottom. Do it like a mask on your face but on the babys bottom instead. You can grind up some oatmeal and put it on with the egg white.

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