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This is going to sound weird...but it works....

1. Position the tip of a finger in front of your ear hole. Open your jaw and and feel for a gap that forms. Press the point inside that gap. Do this carefully. You will feel a tingling sensation in your jaw. This partially paralyzes the nerves causing you so much pain from your toothache.

2. Reposition your finger directly under your ear where it meets your head. It should be in the gap behind your ear lobe. When you open your jaw the gap will get bigger. Press the point inside the gap. You will feel a numbing sensation in your ear and side of your head.

3. Trace a line down and around your jaw bone. Stop when you are directly under the outside corner of your eye. Press the point on the inside edge of your jaw bone. Press upward and outward toward your jaw bone. This will make much of your mouth go numb.

4. Move your finger up to your cheek bone. Feel along the underside of the cheek bone until you reach a point directly under your eye ball when it is looking forward. Press the point upward and inward toward your cheek bone. Much of your face will go numb including your upper jaw.

5. Leave your head completely and find your Achilles tendon. It is the ridge that connects your calf and heel. Press the points on both side of the middle of your Achilles tendon. Do this in the indention between the ridge and the bone that sticks out in your ankle. This pressure point forces your body to divert attention away from your toothache.

Pressure points can and will relieve toothache pain temporarily. This stuff works!!!!

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when you die, if God asks why you deserve to get into heaven, tell him 'well, I posted this pressure point remedy for toothache once.' I will vouch for you, I promise.

no more pain

took me awhile to find the pressure points described but my god thank you so much best way yet to fall asleep with a toothache..


The pain is so intense that I think I am going to hurt my husband. I am sitting her waiting for him to come back with some Cayenne Pepper. Low and behold, I try this technique and it works. Amazing!


Thankyou so much. I went to the er lastnight but they were no help. But what you just showed me works alsome! Thanks again you rock!


Finally!!!! i did pressure points to induce my labor and didnt work so i was kinda skeptical about this but the pain was agonizing!!! i actually think is worst than child birth no joke!!! and i have 3 kids so me being crying or druged was an option i follow your directions and right away PAIN FREE THANK YOU


Well I did just to see what it felt like, and now my whole left side feels num, I guess it works...


This is great!


Thank you so much this really works! I tried the pressure point under the ear lobe, it worked wonderfully! Thank you!

Stuart Wilson

wow wow wow that is amazing not 100% gone but now i can think and work again until i get ti the dentist

thank you thank you thank you

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