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This is going to sound weird...but it works....

1. Position the tip of a finger in front of your ear hole. Open your jaw and and feel for a gap that forms. Press the point inside that gap. Do this carefully. You will feel a tingling sensation in your jaw. This partially paralyzes the nerves causing you so much pain from your toothache.

2. Reposition your finger directly under your ear where it meets your head. It should be in the gap behind your ear lobe. When you open your jaw the gap will get bigger. Press the point inside the gap. You will feel a numbing sensation in your ear and side of your head.

3. Trace a line down and around your jaw bone. Stop when you are directly under the outside corner of your eye. Press the point on the inside edge of your jaw bone. Press upward and outward toward your jaw bone. This will make much of your mouth go numb.

4. Move your finger up to your cheek bone. Feel along the underside of the cheek bone until you reach a point directly under your eye ball when it is looking forward. Press the point upward and inward toward your cheek bone. Much of your face will go numb including your upper jaw.

5. Leave your head completely and find your Achilles tendon. It is the ridge that connects your calf and heel. Press the points on both side of the middle of your Achilles tendon. Do this in the indention between the ridge and the bone that sticks out in your ankle. This pressure point forces your body to divert attention away from your toothache.

Pressure points can and will relieve toothache pain temporarily. This stuff works!!!!

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The most amazing thing ever. I got my boyfriend to do it for me and within seconds I was virtually pain free. Thank you so so much :)


Your directions were really good; That couldn't have been easy to explain!

Most importantly it helped. Thank you!


In despiration I went online searching. This remedy is fantastic, Adam! Like chicken little I kept waiting for the sky to fall but it's been over 15 minutes and still relief. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


holy crap it worked


Oh my goodness! THANK YOU!!!!Bless you ! I am so glad you took the time to share that!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! LOL


This is AMAZING! I'm an herbalist and it was sheer desperation that led me to search on here. I know all about cayenne pepper and clove oil and yarrow for infections and garlic. I've been doing everything I can, but despite the lack of infection, the pain has been nearly unbearable (I've got a wisdom tooth cutting through.).

This works BEAUTIFULLY! It's obviously only temporary, but it's wonderful because you can do it as often as you need. Thank you SO much!


I thought this was a joke but tried it anyway as I do not have any cayenne pepper or garlic at home. It totally worked. Thank you!


After seeing my wife in complete pain for a day in a half with nothing to help I decided to search the web. She didn't believe me and couldn't try theses tips herself so I did them. Worked perfectly. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!


I have been literally crying and BEGGING my mom to go and get me Advil, It worked but I could still feel a little pain, but when I tried this, BAM! The pain was gone!


I have been in pain for days after getting my tooth surgically removed. This helped me a lot! Thank you so much!

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