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I had a massive breakout in hives for no reason at all. Just poped up one morning. Went to the doctor got tons of prescriptions; Dephenhydramine (Benadryl), Famotidine, Hydoxyzine HCL, Prednisone, OTC allergy Meds, Vitamins, and a strick diet, along with topical cream 2% Diphenhydramine. None on this worked on me, I began to get concerned that it was never going to go away. On about the 4th day I tried a mixture of the following;
1. Emu Oil
2. Calamine anti itch (together with the emu oil) helped with the itching and swelling
3. GARLIC CLOVES! The only one that really worked. (split the garlic in half and rub the actual garlic on the hives. Do not be shy with it!)
4. Top it all off with Vaseline and continuously rub it in.

Felt them finally going away that night when i was trying to sleep. The morning came and so far so good. No hives anywhere that I put the garlic and emu oil along with vaseline.

Trust me GIVE IT A TRY!

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