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I am a 38 year old female and I have the more severe case of RLS. It only use to be in my legs but now it takes over my whole body. Sometimes, when i wait as long as i can before i start my 'fish out of water' shake, it starts to feel like its taking over my lungs/breathing!I can still breathe but it gives me a feeling like i cant breathe right. (hard to explain what it feels like) I am on medication (ROPINIROLE) but its not working. I am curious IF ANYONE HAS HAD ANY SPINAL PROBLEMS? I am just throwing this out there because i had back surgery and my RLS got way worse than before. I have no remedy for anyone! The only thing i can say is: i have taken hydrocodone, not for any pain but to fall asleep and it has been the only thing that works. (not a good thing to be taking) I couldnt tell you if it took it away or just knocked me out fast so i wouldnt know it was there. Just knowing that i have not lost my mind and there are others out there going through the same hell makes me feel like there might be some hope left. I am not sure how much longer i can go through this. Dr's have a way of making you think that your only trying to get drugs. At this point, i will do anything to be able to have 6 full hours of uninterrupted sleep. My children need me and i can't even function half way through the day.. Thanks for listening...

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My husband had spinal surgery on his lower back, decompression and fusion. Also right and left hip replacements. Since the surgery his restless legs are much worse, none of his surgeons seem interested in this problem, just dismiss it as a minor irritation - which it most certainly is not!


I had a S1/L5 spinal fusion in 2011 because of a herniated disc causing low back pain and left leg pain down the outer side of my leg which was S1 nerve root compression. After my surgery I have been fighting bilateral leg pain. It feels like insects are crawling on me, severe leg pain, and I can't sleep. I have had MRIs and EMG test and it shows no new discs issues, no nerve compression and a good solid fusion. Since 2011 the leg pain has gotten a lot worse. Now I'm thinking its RLS and I'm seeing a Neurologist at Emory but my appointment is not until August 15. I did not have RLS before my spinal fusion. I hope to find out more after my doctor appointment and hopefully get a med to treat RLS. Currently taking hydrocodone and Lyrica which helps but does not relieve all the pain. Hard to sleep at night. If I'm moving the pin is not bad at all- the pain is only severe when I'm stationary at my office, driving, and when resting. Good luck- I will update after my doctor appointment and share anything I find out. If anyone has information on RLS that occurred after a surgery please share and if you have found a cure. My quality of life is terrible at present time.

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