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I am a 38 year old female and I have the more severe case of RLS. It only use to be in my legs but now it takes over my whole body. Sometimes, when i wait as long as i can before i start my 'fish out of water' shake, it starts to feel like its taking over my lungs/breathing!I can still breathe but it gives me a feeling like i cant breathe right. (hard to explain what it feels like) I am on medication (ROPINIROLE) but its not working. I am curious IF ANYONE HAS HAD ANY SPINAL PROBLEMS? I am just throwing this out there because i had back surgery and my RLS got way worse than before. I have no remedy for anyone! The only thing i can say is: i have taken hydrocodone, not for any pain but to fall asleep and it has been the only thing that works. (not a good thing to be taking) I couldnt tell you if it took it away or just knocked me out fast so i wouldnt know it was there. Just knowing that i have not lost my mind and there are others out there going through the same hell makes me feel like there might be some hope left. I am not sure how much longer i can go through this. Dr's have a way of making you think that your only trying to get drugs. At this point, i will do anything to be able to have 6 full hours of uninterrupted sleep. My children need me and i can't even function half way through the day.. Thanks for listening...

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also i have been battling opiate addiction for many years and do not want to take pills to stop the crazy wacko feelings in my arms and legs all night but at times i have no other choice... last night specificly i had it real bad and popped @ tylenol 3's and within 15minutes i was right back to sleep... no problem... but that is not the route i want to take AT ALL so does ANYONE know how to increase dopamine levels naturally???? like enough to sleep a full freakin night? before i lose it? really though...


Jakki - You make more sense than just about everyone on this site. The serious medical sources link RLS with lowered dopamine levels. (I did find a serious site that linked low iron levels (in some but not most cases) to RLS. As I have never been anemic I go with dopamine being the cause of my RLS. I also found heavenly relief fron left over prescription pain killers. They were left over from wisdom teeth extractions and old injuries. OK if opiates raise dopamine levels, I wonder why they are not a recognized treatment for RLS? I mean short of getting dopamine shots, if dopamine shots really exist, it seems like the opiates are a winner. I would think that trying to exist on two to four hours of sleep a night is more hazardous than taking percocet every night. For example, I drive when I am the only person in the car, but when my family is with me my wife drives because it is not guaranteed that I will stay awake - except for the overnight drives to Florida for vacation because I am awake almost all night. I have told my Doctor that I fall asleep when I drive, but apparently they would rather I die on the highway and maybe kill someone else than for me to be addicted to percocet. Makes alot of sense to me.


Have you tested for Huntington's Disease? HD is often misdiagnosed and can have RLS symptoms pior to onset of traditional HD symptoms. Anyway, it can be definitively tested for (and ruled out) with a blood test. Just make sure to do it anonymously through a university clinic.


Hi Jennifer. I've had back surgery also. (Twice actually). The surgery on my lower back helped the pain I was having but made my RLS worse. I take Ropinerol now for RLS and it works but it has to be taken about three hours before bedtime and food makes it less effective. Additionally, the dose has to be increased over time. I am getting ready to quit my Ropinerole as I don't like taking prescription drugs. I am convinced that this disease is a result of nerve inflammation. I (and many others it seems) get relief from some sort of massage and/or heat to the lower back. Also, I note from reading these that various combinations of herbs or vitamins give relief to many as does sex (endorphins). Notice that people who are overweight have worse RLS than when they were thinner. My game plan then is to make a list of the various things that people have tried that worked for them. I left out the ones that seemed a little too extreme (like the guy who hits his legs with a hammer). I plan to try each item on the list for a couple of weeks each until I hit on one that works while weaning myself off of Ropinerol. I have this list as a .pdf. If you want a copy, mail me: I am sending this to you because your case/symptoms seems closest to mine but the list is free for anyone.


My friend hasRLS and somebody recommended Spatone which in UK is available in health food shops, or even in some branches of Boots. It consists of sachets of powder which you take in fruit juice once /day. It is marketed as a supplement for pregnant women. My friend doesn't get RLS when she is taking this, and thinks it's wonderful.


I have had RLS on and off for 15 years and have felt fortunate not to have it as bad as most....until now. I had back surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago and now am bothered every night. I get to sleep after about 4 hours of irratation. Combine that with the 12 inch cut on my back trying to heal and I dread nighttime.

Laura Norvell

I, too, had back surgery about 7 years ago to my lower lumbar area. I have experienced a huge difference in my RLS since then. I'm very curious as to what was done during the surgery to bring about the more vicious attacks now. Do you suppose when the surgeon opens the back that a type of virus got in there? I'm grasping at straws here, but a few of us have the same issues since the surgery. Let me know if any of you who have had the surgery come up with a common link.

chasity rhodus

I have had rsl since 2005 been on requip. Had spine surgery in 06 and now its 2012 i have rsl,fibro, severe spine problems. Ran out of my requip, and lortabs i however have a drawer full of other medicines that dont help at all.This week is going to be a bad one cant get any refills for 6 more days

Karen G

I am on my 3rd page of RLS symptoms/remedies...MINE STARTED AFTER I had L4-L5 spinal fusion surgery on 4-30-12! I am a 59 y/o post menopausal woman. I went for my 6 wk check up last week and told the PA who had attended my surgery and he didn't have a CLUE as to WHY it started after surgery. I had another bout with it last night. I have heard about the soap under the fitted sheet at the bottom of the bed, so I put one in last week. Can't say I've really noticed a difference, but last night when it was really hot, I didn't have my feet down in that part of the bed. Is that where it is supposed to be? Any particular kind of soap? Since I am still on hydrocodone pain killers from pre-op (Vicodin for 4 yrs.) and post-op (Norco-10), I take one of those and I can relax to sleep. SOONER OR LATER, I won't have any other need for the pain pills since my back/leg no longer hurt...don't wanna take pain killers just to relieve RLS! OK, so don't know if the surgery has released a nerve that is causing this now or not? The only other family member who has this is my 43 y/o son. Just thought it was interesting about the spine???


Hi. I am a 24 y/o female. I have suffered from rls for as long as I can remember, although it was never very bad. I had spinal fusion on my l5-s1 on 8/31/12. Ever since then the rls has been awful! The surgeon said he found a nerve that was really compressed by my disc while he was in there. I have yet to find a cure, though taking the Valium and Percocet helps it not be so intense. I usually just lay in bed flexing and stretching until my body is so tired that I cannot stand to be awake. It just keeps getting worse and is in my arm and hand now. Weird thing is, it's only on my left side (arm and leg.) I will definitely try some of the remedies suggested here and see what the dr recommends, since I have an appt on Monday! Thanks again for all the tips!

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