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I am a 38 year old female and I have the more severe case of RLS. It only use to be in my legs but now it takes over my whole body. Sometimes, when i wait as long as i can before i start my 'fish out of water' shake, it starts to feel like its taking over my lungs/breathing!I can still breathe but it gives me a feeling like i cant breathe right. (hard to explain what it feels like) I am on medication (ROPINIROLE) but its not working. I am curious IF ANYONE HAS HAD ANY SPINAL PROBLEMS? I am just throwing this out there because i had back surgery and my RLS got way worse than before. I have no remedy for anyone! The only thing i can say is: i have taken hydrocodone, not for any pain but to fall asleep and it has been the only thing that works. (not a good thing to be taking) I couldnt tell you if it took it away or just knocked me out fast so i wouldnt know it was there. Just knowing that i have not lost my mind and there are others out there going through the same hell makes me feel like there might be some hope left. I am not sure how much longer i can go through this. Dr's have a way of making you think that your only trying to get drugs. At this point, i will do anything to be able to have 6 full hours of uninterrupted sleep. My children need me and i can't even function half way through the day.. Thanks for listening...

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Narcotic pain relievers work! I have had RLS for 25 or so years and have it every night. I sleep on the floor because the hardness of the floor against the muscles in my legs give me some relief, but even then, I have survived on two to four hours of sleep a night for about half my life now. One night I used my wife's cough syrup that contained hydrocodone and slept a blessed, heavenly, six hours in bed. I used up her cough syrup and went through the medicine cabinet and found left over prescriptions for hydrocodone, percocet, and tylenol codein. They were left over from wisdom teeth extractions and various injuries and some of them had expired, but THEY ALL WORKED!!!. They took away the pain and made me drowsy. In any case, I had enough for about 18 nights of sleep in a bed like a human being. Are these things addictive? - who cares. I would take them every night for the rest of my life, because I want to sleep every night for the rest of my life. I want to be addicted to sleep. Oh well the pills are gone now and as RLS only gets worse with time, I am now back to the same old same old hellish nights and four hours of sleep IF I am lucky. Good luck to you.


Hi Jennifer, I have the exact same problem....I have had RLS for years but I didn't feel any type of pain. In the past year, i got that restless feeling in my legs, arms and somehow in my chest..just like u said! I am taking Mirapex which doesn't help. I was on a really high dose of neurontin and lyrica and fact it seems worse. I was taking Lipitor and stopped taking that thinking that caused these problems. So far, the only way that I can sleep is to be totally exhausted so i fall to sleep right away. I also found these dark blue 'thigh braces' and 'knee braces' at the dollar store. They are basically elastic tubes @6 in long. I put on some type of rub on menthol ointment for aches and pains, then put the braces over above each knee, one on each calf. It actually does give me relief between the compression and cold feeling. My mom says that I should put saran wrap on first! I haven't tried that one yet! Also, tylenol pm works sometimes..i think caffiene and stress makes it worse.


oh, Jennifer, I forgot to tell you that this is worse than any pain that I have ever had... and very difficult to describe, especially the feeling in my chest. I hope that u and the others find relief!


Try meditation may sound crazy but it helps me


I have severe RLS and have for years. I e taken mirapex, lyrica (bad stuff, causes makor depression and suicidal thoughts) i take requip and it works great. I too get it in my arms and chest. The chest thing is weird and makes me feel like theres a bus on my chest. I switched Dr.''s and ended up running out of requip yesterday. No refills!! Im stressing out about it because i know what kind of night im going to have. I would love to find a home remedy and not have to rely on the pills anymore. I sympathize with all of you.


I am on Mirapex which helps with the pain but I was still getting terrible twitching. My doctor recommended 800 mg of Vitamin E at night every day and is has worked miracles. I hardly ever twitch anymore. It's amazing. I take Ambien every night for insomnia and occ take hydrocodone if I'm having a bad night, but those only occur once every couple of weeks now that I'm on the Vit E.


Dear Kelly (the previous post) Mirapex, ambien, hydrocodone - three prescription drugs - why are you on a home remedies site? Next I wish my doctor were so helpful, I would be sleeping, enjoying life, and definitely not on this site. I have always thought that doctors were more sensitive and accomodating to women and more likely to just tell a man to suck it up. Sort of like bite on this bullet and get out of here because you are late for work.


I'm on a home remedy site because I do not like taking ever increasing doses of toxic medications with side effects that can majorly impact life. I was hoping to find a site where I could share my experiences with others who understood my pain and not give me a hard time about it. I'm sorry that you can not find a doctor to help you. I wish you well and hope you can find something to help you. I don't wish this pain on anyone.


you guys are saying caffiene makes it worse while im drinking coffie..haha


ok so as i read on and on and on because im desperate for a cure for this HORRIBLE feeling! although i have read a million different theories ONE stand out to me ALOT and thats the dopamine theory.... reason being i have read quite a few posts reguarding hydrocodone codiene percocet all of which are opiates and HIGHLY increase the flow of dopamine to the brain. Other posts mention the use of marajuana which also increases dopamine.
Also one of the biggest withdrawal symptoms of an opiate/opiod is RLS.

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