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A teaspoon of yellow mustard, the active ingredientis the tumeric coloring.

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This tastes awful but it works!!! Have been hurting for 3hrs and tried multiple doses of tums and pepto... And drinking milk... Without ANY relief. Tried this and after 10 mins getting relief!!! Thanks!!!


I couldn't believe this but it really did work, thank you.


It was hard to swallow cause indigestion was so bad, followed w/a bit of water - and instant cure - the lump in throat, watery mouth - all just went away. I would've in the past drank a carbonated drink/but don't drink those anymore - they work well tho. I had about 1/3 teaspoon and it worked -- just don't eat Panda fried rice - only time I ever get indigestion, til I forget and do it again!


I tried this. It did make me sick. Although about 30 mins prior I took some vinegar. So maybe it was the cause? Though I did get sick it seems to be giving me a little relief!I think I will try the baking soda remedy next time.


It worked for me! Just swallow fast and chase with water.


This worked so FAST!!! It's only a teaspoon full so it's not bad at all...I just drank a swallow of water afterwards!!!

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