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A teaspoon of yellow mustard, the active ingredientis the tumeric coloring.

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This really does work.


Amazingly works!! thanks a bunch!!


Didn't work for me!


if you don't have any baking soda or ginger in your kitchen...try took about 30 minutes for the girgling to stop...


Works brilliantly, but remember to swallow it quick or you'll end up with a burning mouth as well as a poorly tummy!!


thanks jack@$$ you made me puke


this works good with a sandwich, make a ham, or bologna sandwich and just put like 3 time the normal amount of mustard


I tried it last night and at first I swore I was gonna puke my mouth got all watery but I fought it off and drank some water. I didn't feel well because of the wanting to throw up feeling so I went to lay down but once I did I was ok and my indigestion did go away and prior to that is was unbearable (enough for me to eat straight mustard!)


I tried the ham sandwich with lots of mustard someone else suggested. Tasty yet effective.


I just swallowed a spoon and still waiting for it to take effect. How long does it usually take?

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