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I'm on my 4th day with UTI and have been battling it out without antibiotics!
I've found the following useful and the infection is clearing up significantly:

No sugar. No coffee.

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in water twice daily for burning sensation while urinating. Don't overdose.

Directly applying lavender oil onto genitals, and using a water bottle reduces pain and burning.

Lots and lots of water to flush out the bacteria.

Ginger tea or water with 1 tsp of salt 1-2 times a day. This is a great antibacterial... the salt in the tea does a great job, but it tastes awful.

Probiotic yogurt for getting the good bacteria back in.

Shallow bath with lavender and pine oil, or any sort of antibiotic oil.

Vitamin C, and nutritional supplements in order not to not to flush out all your nutrient while drinking water.

Cat's Claw supplements or tea. This is a useful herb for UTI. And a great antibacterial. Swallowing raw garlic is also helpful.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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My name is Mr M.Maipisa thank yu very much by giving us the home remedy for UTI i've battled with this for the past 21 yrs & doctors failing to treat this will try using this might phone number if with any other help is 263773168133 yu can even whatsapp me on tha number.thanks in advance.


Did you feel better. Afterwards or did you still have to see a DR. For antibiotics?

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