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About 5 days ago I had a few cavities filled. Ever since then I had some pain and sensitivity. Well, last night I had such horrible pain---first it started in my front top teeth, then it changed to my front bottom teeth... Neither of which had any work done....I took two Advil hoping the pain would go away and it did, however now the pain switched to the teeth I had work went on for hours and I couldn't sleep the pain was so horrible. I went online hoping for some remedies just to get to sleep. Since it was 2am, and I didn't have any clove oil or tea bags and wasn't going out to get them, I did have peroxide and toothpaste..... I filled up a little bathroom Dixie cup with half warm water and half peroxide... Swished....and immediately my pain went from a 10 to a 1. Then I took a Q-tip and dipped it into the peroxide and just pressed it onto the tooth that still was throbbing and it made it feel even better, but the pain was still kinda there. Upon other suggestion on here, I took some toothpaste and rubbed it on my teeth and it stopped the pain completely. It was only Colgate. I had to rub some of it off because it was burning my mouth after a while, but it still worked and I could go to sleep,

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