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Yea i agree with the dentist fixing the issure. i really do. bu t you have people like me. i have white coat syndrome. to you guys who Arnt aware of this condition well its pretty much is a phobia of my case dentist. but please listen to this man about cloves. if cant find extract you can go to the spice aisle in your grocery an get ground cloves.put that in some gauze get wet place on infected area and you will be well pleased regardless of how much pain ur in. i have one in my mouth now

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cloves soothe the nerve it really works. Once a dentist i went to got to close to nerve while drilling and he mixed some clove oil in a temporary filling and put it in the hole that was in the tooth and the pain went away almost instantly,I also remember when i was young my grand father took some clove oil and rubbed it on my gums and set a clove in the hole and my pain had stopped. i truly believe in clove oil i just cant find it in grocery stores around my area too often.




Oh thank heavens!!! I have had abscess on both sides of my bottom jaw for the last five days. I'm on metronidazole and amoxicillin from my dentist and am loading myself up with codeine and ibuprofen... no help at all.. Ground clove in a little gauze wrap is the way forward!!! BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!

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