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Name it i did it.. Watered down formula, juices, soapy water, vasline, meds. Nothing worked.. I read n read all 14 comments n tried everything possible for days.. Nothing worked.. Finally i applied piles cream. It comes with a tube u can put through his butt trust me it was painful for me to do this to him. But much more worse to c him cry in pain day after day. But it didn't hurt him.. After an hour or so he tried to poop but it was just so bad that all he could do was put pressure n cry in pain. Then i had to put q tip in his but n pull the stuff out.. This process took me a while n a lot of pulling of the poop.. Finally.. Bam!! All of it came out.. My 5 month old had been constipated for a week.. After it was done i cleaned him n latched him.. He happily sucked my milk n fell a sleep.. Please try this if nothing works n u wanna free ur baby and urself from this pain..

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What nonsense these supposed medical professionals talk. Even in a newborn, there is NO WAY you can perforate the rectum with a q-tip.
And, so long as you use a plain soap with no artificial perfumes (easily found in any superstore), a soap enema or suppository is mot just safe, it's the quickest and least side-effecting remedy there is!


I've also tried the qtip n Vaseline. It works n does not harm the baby!! You're not sticking the entire qtip up there,just the tip! That's what's wrong with the world today! All this judgment when most of these negative comments and allegations of child abuse people don't know what they're talking about! Also pulling poop out of your own child's is not gross!It just means you're willing to do whatever necessary to make your baby feel better! Good job!!!!


Ps... The soapy water is also for the rectum!! To the smart ass who suggested drinking it!! Really??



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