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Name it i did it.. Watered down formula, juices, soapy water, vasline, meds. Nothing worked.. I read n read all 14 comments n tried everything possible for days.. Nothing worked.. Finally i applied piles cream. It comes with a tube u can put through his butt trust me it was painful for me to do this to him. But much more worse to c him cry in pain day after day. But it didn't hurt him.. After an hour or so he tried to poop but it was just so bad that all he could do was put pressure n cry in pain. Then i had to put q tip in his but n pull the stuff out.. This process took me a while n a lot of pulling of the poop.. Finally.. Bam!! All of it came out.. My 5 month old had been constipated for a week.. After it was done i cleaned him n latched him.. He happily sucked my milk n fell a sleep.. Please try this if nothing works n u wanna free ur baby and urself from this pain..

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Try what?? Putting a q tip up my baby's butt? I don't get it?


Your baby was probably not constipated! If you're breastfeeding then your breast milk acts as a natural laxative. Babies are not constipated if they don't poop everyday, they are only constipated if they have a hard poop. Breast fed babies can go up to 8 days without a poop and it doesn't mean something is wrong, they are just absorbing all the nutrients from your breast milk! Please trust me.


why don't you drink some soapy water see how far you get


WTF! Soapy water? And putting things up in the rectum of a baby is just CRAZY! PEOPLE PLEASE THINK!!! For the love of God THINK HOW BIG ARE THE Baby ORGANS! You shouldn't be putting nothing on a baby and soapy water soap is to CLEAN! Look at the warming of soap! SERIOUSLY I UNDERSTAND YOUR FRUSTRATION BE PLS GET PROFESSIONAL HELP DONT GET CREATIVE ON UPUR BABY!


The soap thing is not ingested. You squirt some in the butt. Like a lubricant. Its a old way of doing things. I haven't tried it. But some of these comments make me have little faith in humanity.


I am a medical professional. DO NOT insert anything in the baby's rectum unless directed by a doctor. You could easily cause internal or external damage.


This is disgusting!! Pulling poo out of your babys bum and sticking things up him! A breastfed baby can go up to 8 days without pooing naturally. This sounds more like child abuse than helping the baby. I feel sick and disturbed by this!


I just got off the phone with my daughters pediatrician and she told me to put a glove on and scoop it out myself! So I doubt a doctor would tell me how to commit child abuse so you will need to scoop out whatever is stuck up your ass and stop being so uptight


Wow people can be so ignorant! Did you forget the site your on? Its called HOME remedies!! Ive heard of the vaseline and q-tip method many many times, all it is is a subsitute for a sapository!! Many of you wouldnt of survived 100 years ago!! Sad, really...
The only thing i do agree is yes, breastfed babies tend to go longer without pooping than formula babies. Up to 8-9 days is completely normal as long as theres no noticeable discomfort, rashes or pushing/grunting.

Dr. Miller

Soap suds enemas are one thing...we use these in the emergency room to relieve constipation. But to suggest putting a Qtip into the rectum of an infant can accidentally perforate their colon and put the infant's life in very real danger. If your baby doesn't have a bowel movement in more than three days but they are eating and drinking normally, give it a little more time. On the other hand, if they can't keep anything down, you should consult your pediatrician.

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