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I've had a problem with my toe nail for several years. I tried Vicks because someone said it worked for them. Didn't work for me. My nail got worse. Finally I started dabbing peroxide on it. First cut the loose part of the nail down as far as you can. Dab on peroxide, trying to get it under the nail as far as possible. Then clean out the crud that's under the nail, re-apply peroxide, re-clean the underside. Repeat. Keep re-applying and cleaning underneath after each shower. Mine started to clear up right away.

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How many times a day? How long until you noticed resultS? I have had this for years and am dying to wear sandals for the first time!!


I did 4 months of the Lamisil pills and almost completely got rid of my fungus, 2 toes on my right foot and the big toe on my left foot. I have been off of the pills for 3 months and of course it came back. I have been trying the Vapo Rub but it seems mine also got worse. I guess I will try the vinegar next. I really do not want to lose my toe nails and I hate trying to hide them.

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