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Casey Lehl

I am a 28 y/o male, I have rls really bad when I take anything with diphenhydramine in it. Well, last night I had to take a couple tylenol pm's because it all there was and I got rls really bad. I finally took a womens multi vitamin and in 30 minutes I was out, for the whole night.

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I to have rls and Tylenol pm just makes me miserable. Good to know about the multivitamin. Will try that for sure.


Tylenol PM contains diphenhydramine (the active ingredient in Benedryl). Everything that I have read plus personal experience says that diphenhydramine is a Big No No if you have RLS. I have noticed my whole adult life, that any otc medication and most prescription meds that had drowsiness as a possible side effect guaranteed that I would be wide awake the whole night. Since my RLS has become almost unbearable I have been on sites like this and they all agree that if you have RLS, stay away from diphenhydramine. Unfortunately before I read about diphenhydramine and RLS, I took two Tylenol Pm one night before bed and was in agony and wide awke until morning.


I bought a foot massager on eBay. Even though it's intended to sit on the floor, I put it on my bed and lay with my legs (kneeds directly over the top of it). I think the blood rushing through the legs flushes all the lactic acid out or whatever it is that's causing the rls. The unit I bought is around $100 and it's worth every penny because I have never had to take a pill for it since. I suffered with rls for over 30 years before I figured this out.

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